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People with your profession are valued and sought after in Germany.

Your job search doesn’t know any borders ?

Find a job in the field of medicine, engineering, technology or IT industry and get the desired stability and social protection.

In which field would you like to continue your work career ? Submit your application now !

More than 100 employers, our partners, want to get to know you!

Rekruut makes sure that you get the perfect conditions in Germany from the very beginning.

We will help you to find a job in first-class companies, organize language courses and accompany you up to the first day of work in Germany so that you get used to the new environment.

Start looking for your dream job right now.

Our agency will give you free access to a large list of vacancies throughout Germany. Everyone from small and medium-sized companies to large corporations are looking for qualified employees.

Learning German is easy

In order to get a dream job with a stable income, high salary and good working conditions, you need to know German. We offer you to take free language courses, after which you are guaranteed to know German and be able to communicate freely with others. Successfully passed final exam in our language school is a necessary component for work in Germany. Today, employment is possible with B1 language level instead of B2.

We simplify the process of moving to Germany

In order to simplify for you the procedure of preparing all documents for traveling to Germany, we take care of the issues related to visas and recognition of qualifications.

We will do everything quickly

So that you do not have to wait for about 13 months for an appointment at the embassy, your new employer will cover the entire cost of the accelerated recognition procedure, because he is also interested in a quick solution to the problem of finding qualified workers. Thanks to this, the procedure takes only a few months.

Find your dream job in Germany

So, if you are looking for your dream job, use our job database or apply and we will contact you.

Steps to get in!

Are you looking for specialists?

For employers

The shortage of skilled workers in Germany opens up many opportunities.

Find a good job in a developed and friendly country.


Do you feel the desire to help and care for others? We are sure that you will find the desired job in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes.

Labour migration nursing sector:
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There is a great shortage of programmers and IT specialists in Germany. The acute need for professionals makes the IT sphere attractive for Ukrainians. And the shortage of workers favorably affects the growth of average salaries in the IT sector.


Germany has always attracted guests with delicious and authentic cuisine. That is why professional chefs are among the most sought-after specialists today. Prepare delicious food for guests from all over the world in the best bars, pubs and restaurants of the country.

Educational institutions :

6 short steps to your new job

You only need to follow six short steps to get the job you want.
We will accompany you during your move to Germany, starting from the moment you apply online until your first working day.

1. Contact us.

We will advise you on the conditions and requirements of work.

2. Create a resume.

You need to create and send a convincing resume that will reveal your skills to the future employer.

3. Send all the necessary documents to submit your candidacy.

If you are ready to work – you need to send a resume, photos of your passport, diploma, diploma supplement, birth certificate, marriage certificate and employment record.

4. Learn German with us or with the help of our partners.

In parallel, we will prepare your documents and submit all necessary applications to the authorities.

5. Signing of the contract.

As soon as you successfully reach the A2/B1 language level, you will be able to start performing your duties. But before that, binding contracts are signed between you, our agency and your future employer.

6. The first working day.

We will be with you from the moment of application to the first working day in Germany.

Do not hesitate and make a confident step in your career.

We will recommend you to the best employers in Germany.

Steps to get in!

Looking for
foreign skilled workers?

For employers

With so many vacancies you will definitely find a job.

Benefit from our many years of experience and large database of trusted employers throughout Germany.

We have more than 300 vacancies.

Do you want to work in South Bavaria? Or in Northern Germany? We are ready to offer you work all over the country.

Only 6-8 months is the approximate period before the start of work in Germany.

During this period you will be issued a work permit. Take advantage of this time to start learning German.

Gastronomy: 2400 € gross
Medicine and care: 2900 € gross
IT sector: 3500 € gross

epending on your education and region, salaries can vary. Above is the average salary you can expect when you start working in Germany.
Visit our Blog for more information.

Start your career in Germany.

Did not find a suitable job? Send us an application!

Contact us!
Steps to get in

Start exploring Germany with us.


Accommodation in Germany

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Interview preparation by Rekruut for job in Germany

Interview preparation with Rekruut: Get essential tips and expert advice for acing your job interview in Germany, especially designed for healthcare professionals.

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Crafting the Perfect CV and Acing Your Job Interview

Elevate your job search with expert CV crafting and interview tips! Learn how to showcase your skills, make lasting impressions, and secure your dream job.

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Can I come to Germany with my family?

Yes, if they are your close relatives: mother, father, children or husband.

Will my child be able to attend kindergarten or school in Germany?

The clinic will help with finding a place in a school or kindergarten. Education in Germany is free of charge.

Can my family members also work in Germany?

Yes, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee them jobs. We recommend that they also learn German.

Who pays for the application fees and other bureaucratic procedures?

We prepare the documents, taking care of all the necessary expenses.

Do I have to pay anything for the services of your recruitment agency?

No, the costs are covered by the company that hired us.

The field of medicine and care.

Can I work as a nurse in Germany with a Ukrainian diploma?

Yes, but before that you need to go through the procedure of diploma recognition and learn German at B2 level. At first you will work as a nurse’s assistant.

Can I work without knowing German?

No, the minimum language level for employment is A2. For those who do not have it yet, we offer language courses for free.

What tasks does the assistant perform?

The assistant distributes medicines, fills out paperwork and helps, for example, with the movement or hygiene of patients. The assistant takes on all the typical tasks of a nurse, except for invasive manipulations.

What is the salary of a nurse in Germany?

The salary varies depending on the federal state and is on average 1800 – 2200 euros gross per month. However, after the recognition of the diploma, it can increase by €200-400.

Which qualifications are suitable for the position of nurse?

The diploma of nurse – “nursing” or paramedic – “medical care”.

What is the procedure of diploma recognition and how long does it take to recognize a diploma?

First, the diploma and its supplement will be translated into German. Then the deficit of disciplines is determined based on the program of your college. Then this deficit will need to be filled in theoretical and practical courses. And you will need to pass 2 exams: for confirmation of qualification (situational) and for knowledge of German language level B2 (compulsory). This process lasts approximately 1.5 – 2.5 years.

Do hospitals provide accommodation?

Yes, the clinic helps with finding accommodation.

How long do I have to wait for a response from the clinic?

It depends on the clinic. The process can take from 1 week to 2 months from the moment you send your application until you receive a response.

What documents do I need to have for employment?

– CV in German or English;
– passport;
– diploma;
– diploma supplement;
– birth certificate;
– marriage certificate (only in case of marriage);
– employment record book.

Is there an age limit for working in the clinic?

The desired age for employment as a nurse is 20-45 years.

What is the shift system in hospitals?

Work is carried out in three shifts, starting at 6.00, 14.00 and 22.00. The working day lasts 8 hours.

If you do not see the question that concerns you in the list, please write to us for an answer.


On our website you will find all useful information about moving to Germany, get valuable advice on overcoming cultural and language barriers and information about the labor market and everyday life in this country.

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Our reserve contains a huge number of vacancies in the field of medicine, among which you will definitely find the one that suits you. Take the chance and choose Germany.

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The first step to solve the problem of lack of qualified personnel. The rest will take care of itself.


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