Blog about the new triangle of countries: Germany, Tunisia, Ukraine.

Here you will find useful information about moving to Germany, tips on overcoming cultural differences, as well as valuable insights into the job market and daily life.


How are Gross and Net Salaries calculated in the German Healthcare System?

In this blog post, we explain how gross and net salary are calculated in Germany. We also provide a model calculation for salary level P5 under the TVöD.

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Labor Law and Working Conditions in Germany: A Guide for Foreign Healthcare Professionals

Author: Sebastian Mohr, Your Attorney at Rekruut

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Cultural Sensitivity in Nursing: The Importance of Language Proficiency

Kulturelle Sensibilität und interkulturelle Kommunikation in der Pflege

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A Journey of Words: Navigating Language Skills for Qualification Recognition

Author: Rana, Your Navigator in the World of Healthcare

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Recognition of Qualifications for Caregivers in Germany: My Journey as a Tunisian Nurse

Ahlem Souraoui shares her experiences and insights about the recognition of foreign qualifications in the German healthcare system, all with a touch of wit and good humor.

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